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Dating a girl who used to sleep around

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After her first stable relationship, her boyfriend betrayed her. she kissed a lot in parties, slept with around 13 men .all of them just wanted her for sex .. Not just that, but she got HPV from her ex boyfriend .. I get the feeling even if she regrets it, she would do something like that again. I love her but sometimes can’t get over what she did even if she said to me 1000 times that she regrets sleeping with the other men and says that if she had a boyfriend like me at that time she never would have done it. but she said to me she can’t have sex everyday .she says I pressure her. she wants me always to show her that I love her without having sex, but I don’t separate between love and sex. She wants me to touch her, kiss her, and see how hot she is and I’m not allowed to have sex with her…I understand that people have different feelings on what is appropriate for themselves, which is fine, but anyone who can't accept your choices and your past? Aaaand on to the male chorus:"I'm in favor of the don't-ask-don't-tell approach.I've been dating my girlfriend for two and a half years, and neither of us knows how many partners the other has slept with.

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But quality is still the sacrifice for a promiscuous man – and that’s why men will try to get the highest value woman they can for a relationship – and have low standards for casual sex.

Another way we can think about it is – it is generally assumed among the male community that high reproductive value women are extremely hard to ‘hook up with’, in COMPARISON to lower mate value women.

And what do WOMEN potentially sacrifice, if we sleep with a man quickly (as in, before enough attraction has been built up)?

And if they are, how do guys feel about girls who have them?

Is that something you disclose in a relationship or just let it go?