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A final Model 416 isued from 1938 had the new bakelite bulldog mouthpiece fitted, with an anti-sidetone circuit. Right: Later steel equivalent from 1930s, based on the No 534 ringer box.

An earlier model No 653 had the dial moved to the top of the case and a bulldog transmitter mounted at the bottom. , an interim phone using a cast aluminium cradle based on the cast brass base of the candlestick. In 1930 the round base was replaced with an oval one, and the phone was given the model number 202.

Alexander Graham Bell's patent for the telephone, #174,465, issued by the patent office on March 7th, 1876, has been called the most valuable patent ever issued.

There is no denying its importance today, but the story of the Telephone includes a little known, but historic competitive chapter that began a short time after the first patent was issued and didn't end until Bell's monopoly was firmly entrenched. When Bell's attorney filed his application at the patent office on February 14th, 1876, it came only hours before Elisha Gray filed his Notice of Invention for a telephone.

The telephone will dial out if it has a dial, but will not if it has no dial.

The telephone will ring on a incoming call unless other wise labeled.

In one of the greatest mis-calculations in history, Western Union said no.

Instead, Western Union believed that the telegraph, not the telephone, was the future.

In larger cities, there were often multiple central exchanges similar to the one shown here.

When in house, lifting an extension phone would signal the operator to respond with the familiar "Operator - Number Please" inquiry which would result in the operator placing the call on a trunk line and then connecting it to the appropriate in-house extension.

Had it not been for a few remaining films of comedy skits by actress Lilly Tomlin, the quintessential telephone operator, most of the younger generation would not even realize that, at one time, all telephone calls began with a request to the "local telephone operator." In most areas of the United States, the telephone system grew in proportion to the population and the number of new subscribers who came into the Bell network.

Western Electric used a complicated numbering system based on the model, ringer, whether it was for CB or auto use, etc.

I think these models are numbered correctly, but I would appreciate further details as collectors will often find numbers on their phones that don't quite fit the basic number scheme. The tube was shifted to the rear of the base to make room for the dial.