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It also asks for info on how you know your wingman. Maybe you shouldn’t be on this app if you choose the latter.

In theory, Wingman isn’t so different from handing your dating profile off to a friend in a bar.

Browse our newest single members at Friends Click Here The best relationships come from a mixture of chemistry, shared interests, and fun.

By choosing to seek out worldwide singles, you can expand your dating pool to include a greater variety of interests and goals.

Friend Zone Ryan and I have been pals for a few years now, starting back when we used to be neighbors-ish. ) and suggest a smattering of restaurants that run the gamut from casual/trendy to fine dining. In lieu of way too much truth, I fumble out something about not knowing why I didn't, but I should have, and would absolutely hit him up for the phone-guided tour next time around. The topic of my brainy twin somehow bleeds into 50 Shades of Grey, a book I have not read and refuse to endorse. Calm yourself, children; it's merely a polite turn of phrase.

Date 19/30: Friend Zone Ryan* In the midst of my experiment, who should appear, but a blast from the not-so-distant past. I slot him in for Thursday (So weird how calendar space can open up like that! Because you said you were going to take me to dinner and then you never called, so I decided we definitely weren't friends anymore? FZR: My pathetically slutty lashes flutter at the D word. We Uber me home; FZR walks me to my door; we say goodbyes. FZR, if you're reading this -- don't make it weird.

Wingman is a new dating app that gives friends control of your love life.

We used to complain about it to each other and one day we decided we should stop complaining and do something about it. Now I live in New York and am still trying to find my niche in this community.

I find people seek romantic relationships instead of friendships to avoid that transitory feeling, and also to feel emotionally safer.

Will pass on the word about your website every chance I get!

Our service is free to join and within minutes of creating your profile, you'll be able to see who we think is a great match for you.

Our amazing customer service team is on hand to answer any questions you have, and as members of the Online Dating Association, we'll do everything we can to make your time on MSF as safe and secure as possible.