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"This Is Fine" is unique as a meme for two reasons.One, while sometimes modified, it's most commonly used in an unaltered state.

The banana belongs to the plants of the ancients and has been given God-like powers in many diverse cultures.

I eventually toured with The Jacksons and got to hang out with Michael.

Because I was in the same business, I could relate to that feeling of being in a fishbowl and how he felt he’d missed out on a normal life, although of course I was older when I became successful.

Hundreds of thousands of years ago, 15 ancestral species from 11 families of birds came to rest on newly formed lava islands thrusting from the sea more than 2,000 miles from any land.

These first birds thrived in isolation from enemies and predators, evolving in their own leisurely fashion to some 78 bird species unique to Hawaii.