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LOVE FOR her two children is nearly surpassed by an adoration for her bicycle. Herewith, the details of her day, in her own words.Given that her ex-husband is not part of the industry and like many others, who are not involved in the making of movies or TV shows, he was always uncomfortable in the limelight.So it is hardly surprising that they kept their marriage pretty low key.

Her marriage to Shane Dreary, who is a carpenter, has always been very private.Russell looked ready for summer in a striped, origami-like skirt, cute sandals and a wide-brimmed hat, while her Americans co-star kept on-theme in a striped tee, matching socks and a navy blue blazer.is today a mom who reads food blogs and makes sea-salt caramels for her kids. She can often be seen peddling around Brooklyn, carrying her six-year-old son, River, or several canvas bags of produce. Offscreen, Russell is a sunny, self-effacing goof who finds the role thrilling, even as her six-year-old remains dubious about Mom’s foe-vanquishing abilities. officer Joe Weisberg, brother of *Slate’*s Jacob.) Earning two Emmy nominations after its first season—the second debuts next month—the drama drew raves for its complex portrait of a sham marriage, posing the eternal question: When two agents are “spouses,” can they remain emotionally unentangled?Initially interested in dance, Russell has built a substantial career as an actress.