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Regular expression for validating domain name

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Regular expressions are a very useful tool for developers.

They allow to find, identify or replace text, words or any kind of characters.

The regexes in these recipes are all pretty straightforward, but hopefully this gives an example of the depth you can expect from the book. Both are followed by a question mark, which makes them optional.

For more than 100 detailed regular expression recipes that include equal coverage for eight programming languages (C#, Java, Java Script, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, and VB. We’ll explain more about the question mark after discussing the other types of tokens in this regular expression.

;) Can easily be extended to only check for nameservers and such … Note that this does not work in Windows/BSD systems, but the PEAR Net_DNS package can provide this for those platforms. Stepping around the validation issue for a minute, if a customer doesn’t want to give you a valid e-mail/domain is that someone you really want to be doing business with?

, composing a fairly comprehensive guide to validating and formatting North American and international phone numbers using regular expressions. Thus, the sequences that enclose the first group of digits match literal parenthesis characters.

I’ve had to retort to a very simple regex which just checks for an @ sign, something before it, at least one dot after it and at least 2 letters in the last suffix.

Many of these options can be specified either inline (in the regular expression pattern) or as one or more Regex Options constants.

For more information about inline and Regex Options options, see the article Regular Expression Options.

It won't go to the very basics of regexps since there are some very good tutorials available in the web.

~ characters are legal in the local part of an e-mail address but in the above regular expression those characters are filtered out.