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Updating the psp

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It allows users to run backups, watch AVCHD videos and manage there files.

multi MAN does more then just backup games to your PS3. multi MAN * Added support for CFW 4.70 * Updated Danish translation by Chopsti X * Updated Movian/Showtime for m M to 4.9.430 Changes in multi MAN (20150110): * Fixed game covers for split ISO games * Fixed game backgrounds for ISO games * Fixed few issues introduced in .08 multi MAN (20150107) * Fixed minor issue (mm CM) * Added prompt to launch multi MAN if mm CM finds itself in non-cobra mode * Improved support for 4.65CEX/DEX and 4.66CFW * Fixed issues with multiple USB HDDs on Cobra CFWs (4.46-4.66) * Fixed black screens/invalid-disc-errors and other problems * Removed Habib's LV2 patches multi MAN (20141201) * Fixes issues with games like "Shadow of Mordor" - it can be launched in JB/folder format from internal/external now * Probably will fix issues with other JB/folder-format games * Fix is for all standard CFWs and for cobra CFWs (4.46-4.66) * /app_home is intentionally not redirected to /dev_bdvd on cobra CFWs * New pkg structure multi MAN (20141129) * Fixed issues with 4.66 CFW Cobra (mm CM and web MAN) multi MAN (20141129) * Fixed issues with 4.66 CFW Cobra (mm CM and web MAN) multi MAN (20141123) It is aimed to cover all configurations for better compatibility.It is estimated that video game consoles represented 25% of the world's general-purpose computational power in 2007.Joining Nintendo in the motion market, Sony Computer Entertainment released the Play Station Move in September 2010.If you want to use homebrew software on your PSP, you can install custom firmware.multi MAN combines Open Manager, mm OS File Manager and AVCHD for an all in one solution.Drivers Daily Log is very user friendly, however you will need some Computer/Windows knowledge. Backing up files/folders, Copying/Pasting, Cutting/Deleting, Saving files, How to search using Google, How links work, How to use Windows Help system, and most important reading/understanding basic FAQ's 98% of all questions are answered in the FAQ's.