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The North's General Staff today dismissed Seoul's claim as fabrication and accused South Korea of provocation and actually firing machine gun rounds at a “flock of birds”.

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There have been long simmering political tensions between Beijing and Tokyo, which most recently peaked with Japan’s criticism of China’s territorial ambitions in the South China Sea.

Those pressures have also led to a cultural strain between the two countries in which China effectively banned Japanese films for three years, which was only recently broken.

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Some sketches may have been omitted due to lack of evidence.

Sources of the sketch titles shown below come from the DVD collection and the televised version shown on FOX, FX, FXX, BET, and Centric.

Foxx knows that Obama isn't going to suddenly change into the "ultra-black" president instead of the "white-Bama" he was for his first four years in office.

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